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Our First experience- Losing Virginity (Chapter 1

First Time

So, the story starts with my girlfriend(Ruhi) and me(Tushar) were in relationship for the past 2 years. As high school students we did nothing but kissing and we were eager to have new experiences. After our 12th grade exam we went to a trip to Lavasa accompanied by another couple (mutual friends). We had an hour long ride and reached our destination at 2pm. We checked in to the hotel and got ready to do some adventure and water sports, after having a lot of fun we came back to the hotel. It is around 5pm, Ruhi went to take a shower while I was unpacking the bags and I noticed she forgot her… Read more

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The Neighbors Know

Interracial SexVoyeur

[ Dedicated to my good friends A & T, and for their courageous departure from the worn-out monogamous way of 'marriage!' ] Maybe I was being a nosy neighbor, but I became increasingly curious about a young white married couple (Anna and Thomas are their names) who lived across the street from me. The curiosity part arose when I began to notice a young black guy who visited them quite frequently (sometimes twice a week), but that wasn't what was unusual though. What got my curiosity piqued was that on the days he visited them, his car was outside all night long. That meant he'd spent the… Read more

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Neighborhood fun, part 5

First TimeTaboo

I reccomend reading the first 4 parts to catch up on the timeline. So it had been about a month now since Hayleigh and I moved in and its been a great time. Hayleigh and her friends have been a huge help getting the house all unpacked and making it liveable. The girls are alwats wanting to sleep over, and since its summer, the moms dont mind. After my first encounter with the daughters, all I can think about is how cute and innocent they seemed until that fateful night they saw me in the shower and willingly let me cum on thier adorable little faces and it made me want to fuck each of them e… Read more

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Me: Hawaii was a good time, remember? We fucked the shit out of each other. Thu: yup, that was great i am glad we did Me: in front of the mirror. doggy-style. you were facing the mirror Thu: while you were talking to Lee can't believe you talked to him for so long Me: haha. Thu: would think you want to get off the phone since I was sucking your dick he asked why you were breathing so hard Me: haha. I remember pulling you up when I was about to come and was about to give you a facial but you refused Thu: and so I made you fuck me in front of the mirror until we had to meet them dow… Read more

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"Roy and the Doctor". True Story.

AnalGay MaleHumor

Friday evening,I,m putting my tools away for the weekend,the foreman comes up to me with an envelope from the firms office,passing it to me,he says,"Medical,12 noon Monday Roy,all under 18,s have to have them,don,t come into work,not worth it,over in Aston,address & directions,how to get there in the envelope,Dr Robert Cambell,his name Roy,he loves young boys like you Roy,have fun",the foreman walking off & laughing. Monday came,I had an extra hour in bed,up,showered & dressed,had some breakfast,got the bus into Birmingham & another one out to Aston. I found the address & w… Read more

Posted by james4roy 9 hours ago 6 1,137 85%

guide for prostate milking


Theodore Roosevelt once said "If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow", but an experienced woman knows that if you have got him by his prostate, you own his balls! For those keen to try prostate milking, a quick guide for him and her: 1. He should empty his bowels and use a small enema to clean up before you start. 2. He should also COMPLETELY empty his bladder before you start because he will need to relax his prostate in a similar way to urination to allow his sperm to pass through. 3. Use a toy with a stiff shaft and a prominent knob. Most solid silicone ones a… Read more

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First Time wanking in worn tights Part 1


I grew up on a council estate,in a fair sized street, all boys together, playing football and cricket, none of us were sexually active, none of us talked about sex, basically we did not know much about sex Two of my friends were brothers and i used too spend alot of time at their house due too my parents working full time. There mother was a curvy lady,dark haired, quite good looking, heavy smoker, big chested and always wore tan tights and scholls, her nylon feet always caught my eye, i was fascinated with them, i don`t know why and i started to get sexual urges, i would always stare at her… Read more

Posted by smiler66 10 hours ago 1 458 80%

My Birthday


My birthday I am Vernon and it was my birthday, I had woken early and my wife kay was still sleeping next to me as I lay there with a raging hard on. Kay’s nightdress had moved while she slept and I had a great view of her legs and pussy, I was tempted to start playing with kay’s body but knew she needed her sleep after the busy day she had at work the day before. As I moved slowly to get out of bed and let kay sleep, kay moved and just said happy birthday Vernon and where do you think you are going? Morning kay I replied, I was going to let you sleep in for a while Kay. It’s your birthday V… Read more

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Clube cinema

AnalGay MaleShemale Porn

I headed out this afternoon with sexy on the brain. I wanted to be fucked again & was super horny. Decided to wear my new red suspenders & purple satin panties under my jeans when leaving home. I drove straight to club x & bought a pass to cinemas & lounge. I went into ram lounge first to see if anything was happening. Not much but a guy a couple years older then me was sitting in end room with his pants down rubbing his cock. I stood checking him out as he started running his hand up my inner leg, my cock was rock hard & he found it straining to tear my panties. In a matt… Read more

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The Sleepover Pt.2

Group SexTabooMature

"Damn... right... I'm...going... to... cum!" Alex has abandoned any inhibitions she might have arrived with and is unabashedly fucking my face with her pussy. Her fingers are entwined in my hair and she's rocking so hard against me that I'm having trouble breathing. Just when I think she might suffocate me, I go in for the kill shot, gently biting her clit between my teeth as I push my tongue hard against the tip of it. "OhhhhhhhhHHHHHH FUCK!" Alex screams as the floodgates open and pussy juice gushes from her wide-open fuck hole. Her clit is too sensitive now and she pushes my face away and… Read more

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First Time

In connection with all this quarantine bullshit, my wild sex life is covered with a copper basin. Everyone sat at home. It was impossible to go outside without a reason. And I wanted sex more and more. Virtual adventures did not appeal to me, and there was no one around. And then I remembered that a month ago a young man, whom I had not known until now, moved into the neighboring apartment. So I decided to try my luck and get to know him. I had a bottle of French wine and a pack of cheese in stock. Taking gifts for acquaintance, I went to visit. I pressed the bell and waited for an answer. A… Read more

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Sissy Kristy Gets Fucked in a Storage Unit

AnalGay MaleHardcore

Yes, this is a true sissy story!  I always thought a storage unit was a place where you stored your junk. I certainly never thought that I would get my worthless sissy ass plowed in one. But that's exactly what happened early one summer morning.  It all started when I met this older married daddy on Craigslist who really wanted to use me but couldn't host, and at the time I couldn't either. So he had this brilliant idea. One morning he decided that instead of going to the gym he would meet up with me at his climate-controlled storage unit and we could fuck there. I thought, why the… Read more

Posted by Sissyfuckmeat 12 hours ago 2 998 100%

Putting Politics Aside

CelebrityInterracial SexHardcore

• PUTTING POLITICS ASIDE Everyone in another party and establishment trying to stop and impede a seemingly unstoppable candidate from reaching his political objectives for nomination. What to do? His Eloquent, conservative. beautiful wife, a mother of two beautiful c***dren, is privately invited to witness a special prison that has new ideas and techniques of rehabilitation as part of a campaign promotion for prison reforms. It purportedly first uses a helmet for relaxation and then induction of biblical scriptures on morals and wholesome living. Inmates are mostly black prisoners with sign… Read more

Posted by sirdickard 12 hours ago 254

My naughty Aunt.


Copied from my temporary account, nonetheless ........ TRUE !!! So, I was about 19. And as 19 year old guys are, girlfriend or not - are as horny as f*ck all the time. I was no different and had a very healthy sex life then with my then girlfriend, furious masturbation and eyeing up anything in a skirt. It didnt help also because at the time I was working in Nightclubs not only on the Bar but also on the door as a Bouncer due to my physique then. I was 6'7, just finished playing Rugby, was quite active and ate the right things etc. So, this occasion was July 1988, I was chilling at home in t… Read more

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Milly's Story


Milly was off school today as there was one of those teacher training days and as Rachel had a full day of appointments she asked if I would be kind enough to keep an eye on her which of course I accepted, I liked Milly and I knew her experience was far greater than her tender years and I wanted to get her to open up and tell me about her life, I felt pretty good about it and after making some fresh juice I was looking forward to an interesting day. As I was still in the recovery stage I felt it best to wear my tatty old silky boxers as it will give me the freedom of movement required and afte… Read more

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Bryce & Lisa: How We Met. Part 2


A couple of weeks after we got home from the wedding, Lisa and I were spending a lot more time together when we weren't working, either going out on dates, or spending nights at each other's home, making love. To say we were fucking like rabbits would be an understatement. At my job, things were changing, plus I was working a seasonal job working in construction, and I was wanting something that was year-round. So I put my resume out and applied for multiple trucking jobs, and at this point, I had started to consider going back driving over the road. I had done it for a short time early on i… Read more

Posted by Big_Country76 13 hours ago 180

On Display

AnalGroup SexHardcore

One of my neighbors, Tom, is a real dirty old man, late fifties with a small beer belly and a nice dick. His bedroom window faces into my den. He likes to stand in the window and wank on his wanker. And I like to watch him. He only does it in the day time, starting about 2 pm. He'll stand buck naked at the window and masterbate for me. I'll smile at him and give a little clap, when he comes. One day, when he appeared, I pulled up a big easy chair and sat down naked and spread my legs to show him my pussy. I stroked my pussy and rubbed my clit, while he beat his meat. I really enjoyed our mutu… Read more

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Teachers Gold Star Pupil


Teachers Gold Star Pupil The set up: two lovers separated by distance are texting each other late at night. Man: I really want to eat your pussy Woman: Well you can’t - you need to wait ;) Man: I know - just saying Woman: I know - I was meaning it in a teasing way. Like I’m the naughty teacher not letting her student have what he wants yet. And I’m wearing fishnet stockings and a very short skirt. And I keep knocking things off my desk and I have to bend over right in front of you to pick them up. Man: I’d like to take that class. I think I’d get good grades. Woman: You’d… Read more

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Sub/Slave PVC Maid Tiffany

CelebrityBDSMShemale Porn

So where to begin with my good little slutty slave maid, well I suppose its starts with our agreed sessions on a Friday or Saturday where Tiffany being a good little crossdressing slut that she is would be waiting for my arrival dressed as requested in her PVC maid outfit. All our desires and kinks were already agreed before we started our sessions so we both knew what to expect, however there was something about turning up for a session to have the front door open to be greeted by your PVC maid that always brought a smile to… Read more

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My turn with my wife

First TimeVoyeurGroup Sex

Andrea asked me last night what I wanted to do Saturday. I told her let's me and you go out to eat somewhere nice. She said OK , do you want me to wear anything special? I said yes please wear something short and wear pantyhose. She said it's still to warm to wear pantyhose. I said OK what about stockings ? She said how about thigh high stockings without a garter belt. I said and see through panties. She said OK. I showered and dressed before Andrea even finished showering, I knew that ment she was shaving everything nice and smooth. I was waiting in the den when she came walking down the ha… Read more

Posted by woreout 14 hours ago 1,806 100%
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